I’ve always loved cereal. As a kid, cereal was always a big part of numerous holidays. On Saint Patricks Day, we always got Lucky Charms (with green Milk, thanks Mom!). On Christmas, my two brothers and I each got our own box of our most favorite cereal. For me, Cinnamon Toast Crunch was my #1 pick. I can still taste the joy each Christmas of diving into that box…

In 2019, I heard an ad for Magic Spoon, and as I already had a pretty low-carb diet, I was curious about a quote-unquote “low carb” cereal. It seemed too good to be true. But I ordered every flavor to give it a fair shake…and this website was born. I started recruiting other low carb bloggers to get their opinions of other low carb cereal brands.

Today, BestLowCarbCereal.com has hands down the most real person video reviews and taste tests of every low carb cereal available today. I break down the sugar content of each, as well as cost and availability.

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