Finding The Best Low Carb Cereal After 20 Taste Tests

the best low carb cereal

I’ll admit it. I made a $109 purchase of low carb, high protein cereal as an impulse buy. Listening to one of my favorite podcasts, Pod Save America, I heard an ad that sounded just too good to be true. I just had to try this cereal.

In this post, I review all seven flavors of the low-carb cereal Magic Spoon as well as a leading popular low carb cereal, HighKey. I’ve also invited over a dozen of the top low-carb and keto-friendly bloggers on the internet to contribute to this review as well! You’ll get to hear a wide range of perspectives on every top low carb cereal on the market.

TLDR: The best low carb cereal is Magic Spoon’s Peanut Butter Flavor. A close second is Magic Spoon BlueBerry.

Low Carb Cereal Brands Tested

Here are the modern low carb cereal brands tested in this review:

My Taste Test Method

I spent over $109 on low carb cereal, used eight bowls, 8 cups of coconut milk, eight spoons, and consumed 16 servings, roughly 1680 calories, of Magic Spoon & HighKey.

In each taste test I ate the same amount:

  • two servings of the test cereal
  • one cup of unsweetened coconut milk.

I ate each cereal at the same time each day, after eating the same breakfast and lunch before my taste test in the afternoon.

For each cereal brand, I also do a keto ketones test to check my ketones levels and a blood glucose check to test my blood sugar levels before and 1 hour after consuming the test cereal. So, yeah, I bleed for this review!

Why spend so much to find the best low carb cereal?

$109 worth of low carb cereal

First off, I love cereal. Like, love, love cereal.

I can eat 3-4 bowls of Cinnamon Toast Crunch after a full meal and still crave more. But, I try to eat healthily, and in the last few years, I’ve lost about 30 lbs sticking to a lower carb, not quite keto, but still lower sugar diet. It’s been great for my sleep, my energy, and my overall health.

Regular cereal is full of all the things that taste good: sugar, wheat, corn, etc., but make my body feel awful.

Enter a “low carb cereal” like Magic Spoon or HighKey. Most of these newer keto-friendly cereals have only 1g or even 0 grams of sugars since they often use Allulose as a sugar replacement.

Grams of sugar

It is wheat-free. It’s grain-free. It’s keto-friendly, gluten-free, and soy-free. Do you know what that usually means? It usually means it’s taste-free!

Not so with these cereals. These taste tastes were delightful. Did I maybe, actually, find the best lower carb cereal? Read on to find out…

I opened Magic Spoon Cinnamon, and it smelled just like I had sprinkled real cinnamon & sugar on fresh toast. I knew I was in for a treat.

OK, let’s get to eating!

Magic Spoon Cereal Review

So, what is the big catch with Magic Spoon?

It’s the price. Magic Spoon is a premium cereal at a premium price.

It’s not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. It’s nearly $10/box. Magic Spoon costs $9.75 to be precise, though you can get that down to $8.78/box if you subscribe to deliveries.

Expensive low carb cereal

Comparing Magic Spoon cereal to regular cereal isn’t fair, but let’s do it first. Cinnamon Toast Crunch (my all-time favorite regular sugary cereal) is $2.94 for a 19.3oz box on Amazon. That’s $0.15/oz. Cinnamon flavor Magic Spoon is $9.75/box, for a 7-oz box, or $1.39/oz. That is 9.26x more expensive per ounce! Ouch. So that is the biggest downside of Magic Spoon.

Cost per ounce

But, to be fair, Magic Spoon isn’t selling itself as a cheap cereal. It’s a premium cereal. It’s an all-the-bad-stuff free cereal. And to many cereal fans, myself included, that can be worth the cost.

Compared to other keto, high protein cereals, Magic Spoon is right in line price-wise. For example, HighKey Keto Protein Cereal (Cinnamon Flavor) is $1.47 an ounce, spendier than Magic Spoon. So when comparing apples to apples, or in this case protein cereal to protein cereal, it’s right in line with its competitors.

Here’s my video review of Magic Spoon:

Best Low Carb Cereal? I Buy $109 of Magic Spoon & HighKey to Find Out

Magic Spoon Flavors

These are the current Magic Spoon flavors:

If you just want to see my favorite low carb cereal pick, based on flavor alone, here it is:

Low carb taste scores

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Magic Spoon Cinnamon Cereal Flavor Review

Cinnamon was the flavor I was most excited to eat. It did not disappoint. The first thing you notice is the smell of the cinnamon when you open the bag. It hits you strong and got me very excited about actually tasting the cereal.

It is not as sugary or sweet as Cinnamon toast crunch, but it does have a good flavor. A flavor I could not stop eating!

When I did my first proper test with a serving of unflavored coconut milk, the cereal shined. I downed my one serving portion (28g, 3/4 of a cup) in about a minute.

The texture is firm. The cereal didn’t seem to get soggy quickly and retaining a nice crisp, firm texture throughout my eating it. I ate pretty quickly, of course, but that is about my average pace of eating cereal. 3/4 of a cup is probably a half portion for me, and at 100 calories per service, that’s not terrible. So I could have a good-sized bowl with two servings of Magic Spoon, add in a cup of coconut milk at 50 calories at you are at 250 calories for a perfect size snack or breakfast. That’s an ideal number for me from a calorie perspective.

My only complaint about the Cinnamon flavor is the shape of it. I would have loved to see a flat square like Cinnamon toast crunch; I might have convinced myself that was what I was eating with that shape.

I ordered four boxes of the Cinnamon flavor because I felt pretty confident it might be my favorite.

I’m going to have to order more soon.

Taste Test Flavor Score: 9.0/10

Nick from KetoElite had this to say about MagicSpoon Cinnamon:

nick keto elite

Upon receiving a box of Magic Spoon’s new Keto-friendly cereal, I have to be honest, I was skeptical that it would be a product I would enjoy. I assumed there would be no way to make a low carb cereal, especially one with only 4g of net carbs, actually taste good. I decided to give it a go and tried the Cinnamon flavor. Much to my surprise, I became an instant fan! The cereal was delicious and reminiscent of cereal I enjoyed as a child. Since practicing a Keto lifestyle for nearly 5 years, it was amazing to finally have cereal again.

Aside from the amazing flavor, the sweeteners they use are great for Keto. Allulose, one of the sweeteners used, is great considering it doesn’t affect insulin levels nearly as much as plain sugar.

However, one ingredient that I would like to see removed would be the inulin from chicory root. For some this has been known to cause an upset stomach and cause gas. In my opinion, this ingredient can cause issues long term and should be had in moderation. It is one of the last ingredients on the label, however, so this may not be an issue for most people, due to the low levels in the cereal.

Overall, I would love to try all the flavors to see what I would like best. I am excited to finally have a cereal alternative while staying true to the Keto lifestyle. Magic spoon will have a new customer and I look forward to trying more flavors in the near future!

Hilda from Fit to Serve had this to say about the low-carb cereal…


I recently tried Magic Spoon’s grain-free cinnamon cereal, and here’s what I liked the most: First, the flavor and texture are legit. I was pleasantly surprised by how delicious it was and how well it reminded me of traditional cereal.

As someone who is doing a keto diet for health reasons, I have avoided the cereal aisle at the grocery store for many years because I can’t risk the consequences of cheating.

Look, I have tried other low carb cereals, and frankly, for the most part, I’ve been a bit disappointed. Some brands have the flavor, but the texture is off or vice versa. That was not the case with Magic Spoon. Somehow, they have been able to get the taste and texture right, which is pretty magical, pun-intended if you ask me.

The cereal holds up well in your milk of choice and does not disintegrate quickly, a must for those who miss a bowl of cereal comfort.

My personal way of enjoying Magic Spoon’s cereal was straight out of the box or on top of some low carb ice-cream, yum.

Something I was not expecting but experienced was satiety. I was full for hours, and I gather this must be because it’s not only low in carbs but has 11grams of protein.

I’m giving Magic Spoon’s cereal my seal of approval and recommend it to anyone looking for a healthy alternative. If you’ve been missing cereal while doing a gluten-free or keto diet, this cereal could be just what you need.

Magic Spoon Honey Nut Flavor Review

Right off the bat, I’ll say I finished my taste test in 2 minutes. So, it’s not like I hated this flavor.

It just was not my favorite. There was something in the “nut” flavor that just tasted a bit off to me. It went too far towards the nut flavor and ignored the “honey” part of the palate.

I did appreciate the color difference. Honey Nut was my 2nd flavor taste test, and I was half expecting each flavor to look and taste very similar. They do not. The color was much lighter than the cinnamon flavor, and the taste was very different.

Taste Test Flavor Score: 5.0/10

Even though each flavor has tasted quite different, the nutritional macros are very similar. Take a look at the Nutrition Facts for Cinnamon vs Honey Nut:

Honey nut vs cinnamon

Magic Spoon Frosted Cereal Flavor Review

Frosted had the look of the Honey Nut flavor, but none of the strange off-taste. It was crispy, different tasting then any other flavors I had tried, and delicious. I gobbled up my two servings in no time flat.

Taste Test Flavor Score: 8.5/10

Magic Spoon Blueberry Flavor Review

Damn, that’s good.
– My final words as I finished my last few bites of Blueberry

Blueberry was a surprise. I did not think I would be a massive fan of the fruity flavors, but this Blueberry flavor straight up blew me away. When I first opened up the bag, the smell immediately brought me back to my childhood eating cereal with my two brothers when we, on the rare occasion, I would get a sugar cereal treat of Captain Crunch with CrunchBerries.

So while this smelled like Crunch Berries, I didn’t expect it to TASTE like crunch berries.

But. It. Did.

Oh my, did it. It was tasty. I did get a distinct blueberry flavor, but the crunch berry flavor I did get was fantastic. I was so sure that Cinnamon was my favorite, but now, four flavors in, I may have a new #1. I also may just have to do a head-to-head competition between cinnamon and blueberry.

Solid cereal.

Taste Test Flavor Score: 9.0/10

trish's magic spoon blueberry review

Trish from ChaffleMommy had this to say about MagicSpoon Blueberry:

Magic Spoon BlueBerry Flavor Review by Trish @ Chaffle Mommy

I was asked to try some Keto-friendly cereal and I had the pleasure of trying Magic Spoon, the Blueberry flavor. On first impression I love the box, it’s so fun! Even the back of the box has this Mad Lib activity you can play as you munch, just like when you were a kid.

The serving size is generous 3/4 cup and only 3 net carbs, which is impressive. I had mine with unsweetened vanilla almond milk. So here’s what I thought.. It’s got a great crunch factor and doesn’t get soggy fast (I loathe soggy cereal) so that was awesome. The blueberry flavor although there is not a strong taste of it, is nice. I do think it could use a little more taste of blueberry though, it starts to fade as you eat it but mostly because it’s going into the milk and turning it a fun color.. It’s not very sweet, just semi-sweet which I liked. I enjoyed that it doesn’t leave an after taste which I find some products with certain natural or artificial sweeteners do.

My 20-month-old son who always needs to sample whatever I am eating, loved it. He kept tugging my arm for more. The 3/4 cup serving was filling, which I love. I think even if you like sweeter cereal over more natural or mild-flavored you should give it try, sprinkle some keto friendly sweetener over it, and give it a go! I definitely want to try other flavors of Magic Spoon as well. A nice and easy quick breakfast that I do not have to feel guilty about is always a plus and will certainly come in handy when I am rushing in the morning.

Here’s what Jen Fish, from @ketointhecity_ had to say about Blueberry…

I’ve been living the keto life for over 4 years, so it has been that long since I’ve had a bowl of cereal. When the Magic Spoon showed up I was so excited! I ordered the Blueberry flavor because I LOVE all things blueberry. The first thing I fell in love with was the box, the art is so cute. If it was on a shelf in a store I would pick it just purely for esthetics!

I was really excited to try the actual cereal, I poured myself a big bowl, added some unsweetened nut milk and took my first spoonful. OMG you guys! This cereal is AWESOME! I couldn’t believe how good it was, just the right amount of sweetness and such a great texture. I ate it while working so it took me a bit and the cereal stayed nice and crunchy and didn’t get soggy. Plus it has a lot of protein in it, so it fills you up which regular cereal never did for me. I’ve eaten it 3 days in a row now and yesterday my 16-year-old daughter discovered it and now she’s addicted!

I’m definitely excited to try some more of their flavors, but the Blueberry was a definite 5 stars for me!

Magic Spoon Peanut Butter Cereal Flavor Review

I ate more than just two servings of this one. After the video test, I poured another serving at least of this flavor. Peanut Butter, by far, had the best flavor match to product name so far. You could taste the peanut butter in this flavor clear as day. It reminded me of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

I couldn’t remember the name during the video, but this reminded me of Reese’s Puffs or Cap’n Crunch Peanut Butter Crunch. I think it was Reese’s Puffs. I rarely had those growing up, but I distinctly remember the flavor.

If you like peanut butter, you will like this flavor.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: I ended up finishing this entire box in one day. To be fair, it was the day after a big workout, and I was starving. This flavor was addictive. Consider yourself warned. I changed my rating from 8.5 to 9.5 after finishing the whole box in one day.

Taste Test Flavor Score: 9.5/10

Magic Spoon Fruity Flavor Cereal Review

This flavor was surprising when I first opened it up because it was the first to be multi-colored. It smelled strongly like Fruit Loops (one of my favorite cereals) ~ and the fact that it tasted just like fruit loops did not disappoint. It did not have as strong a flavor kick as the peanut butter or blueberry flavors; it was a little more subtle. If you are a Fruit Loops fan and want a lower carb alternative to fruit loops, this is your jam.

Taste Test Flavor Score: 8/10

Magic Spoon Cocoa Flavor Cereal Review

If you like chocolate cereals, you will like this healthy alternative. I’m not a huge chocolate cereal fan, and since these are my taste-test scores, I did not rate this flavor as high as some others I liked. It was tasty; really, all the Magic Spoon flavors were enjoyable and different. But this just wasn’t my jam as much.

Taste Test Flavor Score: 6.5/10

Christine Trimpe of also reviewed the Magic Spoon Cocoa flavor…

christine joyful keto life

As a former cereal eater, I was excited to taste test the low-carb marketed cocoa-flavored cereal by Magic Spoon. Although I haven’t personally missed having cereal in my keto lifestyle, I’m always interested in seeing the innovative ways entrepreneurs can adapt products to the low-carb lifestyle. Let’s dig into my bowl of Cocoa flavored O-shaped cereal by Magic Spoon.

Likes: satisfies chocolate cravings, crunchy, did not get soggy in the coconut milk, shape and size of the Os, delicious taste, no after-taste

Dislike: some of the ingredients would not be suitable for someone following a strict and clean keto or low-carb lifestyle, small serving size

Personally, I need to remain strict keto for my metabolic health and so I stick with total carbs (not net). At 10 grams per serving of total carbs that would use up half my daily carb count in this one serving. I also avoid any manufactured food with the word starch in the label and/or with questionable sugar content (this label says “trace amounts” of sugar in the cocoa powder).

However, my husband follows a very loose low-carb lifestyle (100-150 grams daily), he really enjoyed this option to bring cereal back into his life. Since I buy all the groceries in the home, I’ll make sure to stock up on this for him.

Magic Spoon Peaches and Cream & Strawberry Review

It’s Simple by HowToThisandThat had this to say about the Summer flavors:

We were sent Magic Spoons Grain-Free cereal to try and boy are we glad to have been made aware of this cereal! Where has this been all my life?

I’ve always struggled with breakfast while eating the low carb way. I don’t care for eggs and I try to limit salty meats, so it’s always hard to find foods I can enjoy for breakfast.

That’s what makes the Magic Spoons cereal so perfect. We tried the Peaches and Cream as well as Strawberry and they were so yummy.

With this cereal being Keto Friendly it is a great alternative to normal cereal. Most cereal is carb-filled and therefore out of the question.

The taste and texture are that of your common flavored Cheerio. A little nutty, very crunchy, and just the right sweetness. They also seem to stay crunchy in milk pretty long.

My favorite was the Strawberry as I am not a huge fan of peach, but I definitely would snack on the peaches and cream without milk. The cereal makes a great snack right out of the box or thrown into a baggie for a quick breakfast on the road headed to work, or a simple snack during the day when you have no time other than to just throw a handful in your mouth and go on your way. Who doesn’t love breakfast on the go?

Overall, We recommend Magic Spoons to any cereal lover! It is for certain a wonderful alternative to the normal, unhealthy, sugar-filled cereals.

Highkey Protein Cereal Review

Highkey low carb protein cereal

This did not impress me at the first bite. However, I did enjoy the cereal more and more as I ate it.

The Highkey cereal was too hard. Whereas Magic Spoon has a pleasant fluffy crunch, Highkey was too dense.

The flavor just wasn’t nearly as good, tasted more “off” than Magic Spoon Cinnamon.

The packaging plastic wasn’t like regular cereal. It just didn’t give that cereal experience that I got from opening the same type of plastic from Magic Spoon. I realize that is odd, but that is what I felt.

It’s great to be able to get this on Amazon, but it’s not nearly as good a flavor as Magic Spoon, and with almost the same nutritional benefits, but at a slightly higher cost, I don’t see why I would repurchase this.

Taste Test Flavor Score: 4/10

Blood Glucose Level before two servings and 1 cup coconut milk: 82

Glucose level 1 hour later: 85

Ketones before: 0.3 Ketones after: 0.4

So that glucose level is excellent for Highkey protein cereal, as my blood sugar level barely spiked at all. I did the reading one hour after I ate the two servings (1 hour is when your levels peak after a meal if you do not have diabetes. I do not)

Highkey vs MagicSpoon

HighKey vs MagicSpoon? I preferred MagicSpoon hands down. While HighKey may have been earlier to the low carb cereal market, MagicSpoon has clearly mastered taste and texture better. If you have to choose between the two, go with MagicSpoon. They are both similar in price.

Diabetic Kitchen Granola Cereal Review – Almond Butter Flavor

This review is from Liz at Meat Free Keto…

I think I have found my new favorite snack in Diabetic Kitchen’s Almond Butter Granola Cereal. This is the first low-carb and sugar-free cereal I’ve tried where I didn’t feel as though I was compromising on something in order to cut down on carbs.

The texture of this granola cereal comes really close to what you would expect from traditional granola – there are even large clusters! The cereal is crunchy and works equally well on its own with and without milk. I also enjoyed it dry as part of a trail mix, and as a topping for yogurt.

The almond butter flavor of this cereal tastes very natural and really shines through the lightly sweetened clusters. Though stevia (along with monkfruit) is one of the main sweeteners, the granola is neither overly sweet nor marked by a strong stevia taste.

Ingredients are always a priority for me, and I appreciate the dedication to using predominantly whole foods like almonds and coconut for the bulk of this granola. One thing to note is that this cereal contains rice, so if you need to avoid grains, they are not the option for you.

With only 4g of net carbs per serving and 6g of protein, this granola cereal will definitely become part of my regular breakfast and snack routine.

Diabetic Kitchen Granola Cereal Review – Cinnamon Pecan Flavor

Liz again, from Meat Free Keto…

Cinnamon is one of my favorite flavors, so I was really excited to try this granola, and it did not disappoint. The granola clusters are small, but crunchy and are delicious enjoyed as a cereal, or as a topping for yogurt and smoothie bowls.

What I like about this brand of cereal is that they use whole ingredients like pecans, almonds, coconut, and actual cinnamon to flavor the granola, giving it a rich and somewhat autumnal taste. The cereal is lightly sweetened, which compliments the flavors nicely without being overpowering. I was surprised at how demure the sweetness is, given that stevia is one of the sweeteners.

In one 31g serving of cereal, there are 3g of net carbs and 4g of protein – not too bad for something so delicious! Additionally, the serving is pretty filling, especially when paired with yogurt. And even if you decide to eat a double portion, the macros are still great.

This granola, with its quality ingredients, crunchy texture and great flavor, certainly has a permanent spot in my pantry. I’m already dreaming up ways to add this to pumpkin-flavored treats for fall!

Catalina Crunch Review – Maple Waffle Flavor

Lastly Liz on Catalina Crunch…

Oh wow, was I ever excited when I saw this bag of cereal. As a New Englander who also lived for many years in Quebec, I adore anything maple-flavored and just could not wait to dig into a bowl. Unfortunately, after the first bite, I realized that my expectations might have been a bit high…

I’ll start off with the positives – a serving of this cereal brings 10g of protein to the table for just 5g of net carbs, far better macros than most cereals out there! The texture is also quite nice – the cereal is quite crunchy, and stands up to milk for a while, never really getting soggy. Finally, the ingredients list is pretty clean, and this cereal is vegan, gluten-free and nut-free, which is great for those with food intolerances.

While I enjoyed the texture of this cereal, the flavor left something to be desired. The maple flavor just didn’t come through very strongly at all, to the point where I’m not sure I would have been able to identify what it was supposed to be without the packaging. It’s not that the flavor is bad, it’s just not very present. The level of sweetness was also a little bit intense for my liking, imparting a bit of that classic “sugar free” taste. I also did not feel very full after one bowl, or even two.

Overall, while the texture, macros and ingredients are pretty decent, the flavor of this cereal is just okay, and at the end of the day, we tend to make food choices based on flavor first.

Diabetic Kitchen vs High Key Protein Cereal vs Catalina Crunch

This review is from Allie at Vigor It Out…

Diabetic Kitchen vs High Key Protein Cereal vs Catalina Crunch

I was given 3 low carb kinds of cereal to sample and compare all in cinnamon flavors. Low carb cereals are very expensive so this is my first sampling of them even after eating low carb for years! So how do they compare?

First up Diabetic Kitchen’s Cinnamon Pecan Granola Cereal. This granola replacement has a beautiful blend of nuts and seeds that tastes like fall in a bowl. It is very sweet with a strong stevia flavor. For me it was a little too sweet, but it was relatively satisfying and to fill up I only had a snack after finishing 1 cup with stevia. It makes a perfect topping or snack if you are craving something sweet though.

The second was High Key Protein Cereal in cinnamon. This cereal is reminiscent of puffed rice and has an absolutely overwhelming bittersweet stevia taste. This was my least favorite cereal. It was too sweet and I needed at least 2 cups to feel full. At over $10 for 8 oz, I don’t see it as worth the price.

Lastly, I tried Catalina Crunch in cinnamon toast which was my favorite! I like hearty and healthy tasting cereals like Fiber 1. If you like light sugary cereals this might not be your cup of tea. But I found this cereal dense and satisfying. It’s only slightly sweet, and I was satisfied after only 1 cup with almond milk!”

Measuring Glycolic (Blood Sugar) & Keytone Impact of Low Carb Cereals

Glucose change

I wanted to test how much a regular sugar cereal would impact my blood sugar levels vs. a low-carb cereal.

To conduct this test, I took my blood sugar and ketones levels right before my cereal test at 2 pm each day. I then measure my post-meal level, one hour later (this is when your levels usually peak post meal).

Let’s look at the results:

Test 1: Cinnamon Toast Crunch – 2 servings with one serving of coconut milk (TBD)

Test 2: Magic Spoon Frosted Flavor – 2 servings with one serving of coconut milk

Blood Glucose Level before two servings and 1 cup coconut milk: 85

Glucose level 1 hour later: 89 (+4)

Ketones before: 0.4 Ketones after: 0.3 (-0.1)

Test 3: HighKey Cinnamon Flavor – 2 servings with one serving of coconut milk

Blood Glucose Level before two servings and 1 cup coconut milk: 82

Glucose level 1 hour later: 85

Ketones before: 0.3 Ketones after: 0.4 (+0.1)

Keytones change

During all tests, I exercised for 30 minutes 1 hour before the meal. I slept on average 8 hours each night before each test. I tried to keep as many variables the same as possible.

Overall Best Low Carb Cereal: Magic Spoon

Overall I liked Magic Spoon the best of all the cereals tested in this review. It had the best crunch, and while not every flavor was amazing, with 7 or more to choose from, there is likely at least a few which you everyone will enjoy. I loved the Peanut Butter, Blueberry, and Cinnamon the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Allulose Sugar?

Magic Spoon uses Allulose sugar and markets it as a “rare” sugar found in figs and maple syrup.

Allulose, or D-psicose, is a natural sugar found in kiwi, raisins, and figs. It’s similar to fructose, but your body processes it differently. In one human study (with just 30 participants) no gastrointestinal side effects were noted, so that is good news.

In another human study of 121 overweight people, body fat % and body fat mass decreased in those given allulose vs sucralose.

So, while not many studies have proven some of the claims of allulose, the limited ones are promising, and side effects do not seem to be an issue.

Why Eat a Low Carb Cereal?

If you are on a keto diet, diabetic, or just want to eat healthier, and a low-carb diet can be beneficial. As I mentioned, I lost ~30 lbs in the last 12 months, sticking to a lower-carb diet. I still eat carbs, but I try to limit them, especially at breakfast and lunch.

So for me, finding a good, low-carb cereal has changed my daily food routine completely. After these taste tests, I now know I can eat cereal and not increase my blood glucose (sugar) level. This testing has given me the confidence to add cereal back in my diet. My taste buds have quite enjoyed it.

How Much Sugar is in Lower Carb Cereals?

The lower carb cereals I reviewed had, on average, around 1g of sugar and 10g of carbohydrates. They are essentially “sugar free”.

How Much Protein is in the Lowest Carb Cereals?

The lowest carb cereals I tested had an average of 10 grams of protein per serving.

How Many Carbs are in Lower Carb Cereal like Magic Spoon?

Magic Spoon has, on average, 10 grams of carbohydrates. Some flavors have 11 grams.

Where can I buy cereal low in carbs?

Online has the best selection of the newer lower carb cereal brands like Magic Spoon, Highkey and CatalinaCrunch. However you can find some brands in stores, especially healthier stores like a Whole Foods or New Seasons. Your local Co-op and natural food store will likely have a few options as well.

Magic Spoon Cereal Discount Code

Magic Spoon cereal has created a unique magic spoon discount code just for this review. Using this code will save you at least $4.99 as it will provide free shipping. Click to copy the code:

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I would highly recommend the BlueBerry and Peanut Butter flavors for a healthy, sugar-free breakfast or snack!

Magic Spoon Variety Pack